The smart generation

We have developed a new generation of vehicles with capacity of moving large loads with 100% safety and autonomy. This is a new generation in load management, where automation is complete and designs are fully adapted to the needs of our customers.Our engineers have developed a special series of vehicles.
and resolutives

PLY Series 03

AGV / IGV vehicle
Automatic guidance

Wire-guided by a signal emitted by a magnetic tape that marks a route.

Radio frequency with triangulation signal. The vehicle receives this signal from three points, and It locates the position in the warehouse, and follows a planned route.

MAPPING (computer vision) It have an optical camera on the outside that visualizes the warehouse and makes a map of all the objects that it can detect, incorporating them into an internal computer-map based on the LIDAR system (Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging).

Reliable navigation

PLY Series 04

AGV vehicle
Satellite navigation

We implement satellite guidance systems in our vehicles.The Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) management systems, together with inertial sensors type MEMS gives reliability for adaptation to any navigation system. This system provides maximum reliability in diverse situations In Europe, we utilize the Galileo satellite system. We can integrate other satellite-guided systems as the GPS system (USA and nearby), GLONASS (Russia), BeiDou (China andnearby) We can mix information systems to get the position 3D and high precision of navigation.

The LIDAR system recognizes the environment and makes real-time decisions

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